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The PhotoStick: Secures your memories This technologically advanced age has facilitated new devices which enables us to think beyond the obstacles of the past. Consequently, capturing the precious moments of life and work has become a compulsory part of our...
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The PhotoStick: Secures your memories

This technologically advanced age has facilitated new devices which enables us to think beyond the obstacles of the past. Consequently, capturing the precious moments of life and work has become a compulsory part of our life. Clicking thousands of pictures requires a source of backup storage as we don't want our lovely moments to fade away. Therefore, we generally prefer a computer to be the storehouse of those photos. Besides, we also have the urgency to save and backup our different documents and even videos.


But is it easy to manage such storage and collection process on the basis of computer memory? Not at all! Rather any fault in your computer may shatter your photo memories, valuable documents, and lifetime videos.  That's where The PhotoStick is the best reliable solution. It will search, collect and back up your photos or documents in an easy but convincing way.

Why should you use The PhotoStick? 

You may be habitual of storing and backing up your images or photos in traditional technological ways like the use of cloud storage and PC files. But are there any sorts of guarantee of security? You can lose everything if the computer gets crashed or the password gets lost. If you don't want your precious clicked memories to be faded away, you should use The PhotoStick.  This will cost you less but extremely productive. Finding the photos and erasing the duplicates all will be just clicking away.

Operating process:

Operating The PhotoStick is simple and organized.  As soon as you set it in the running PC, the PhotoStick will start working with a push on the 'Go' switch. The process will be carried on having access to the files. The specialized software will recollect and arrange all the required photos and documents alongside deleting all the duplicates. The backup function will be done at a flash ensuring the productive use of maximum spaces. It's all about the switch on the device and waits. Let your photos are away from being lost and your precious memories are saved.

The categories and structural values of The PhotoStick:

  • Different Sizes:  Sizes of the PhotoStick are clustered in three sections which are measured on the basis of 8 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB storage powers.  According to those different size values, the PhotoStick is capable of processing from approximately 3,500 photographs to the huge capacity of holding almost 60,000 photographs.


  • Device-based compatibility:  The PhotoStick successfully operates with different versions of Windows like XP, Vista Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 as well. It also works with old and latest Mac versions. If you want to use it mobile, there is also a compatible mobile version of The PhotoStick. 


The outstanding features of The PhotoStick:


  • In order to back up, your files in a typical way like that of in cloud storage can be quite a bit complex, and sometimes it can be confusing.  But the PhotoStick is the device that can turn those complexities into ease.  There is no need for any extra software installation or any kind of account inclusion.  You just need to press the backup option and wait for the results.


  • Whenever we talk about photos or documents we are bound to think about different kinds of formats. There are different kinds of formats like JPEG, JPG which are likely to need adjustable software. There is no need to worry about adjustments as The PhotoStick is absolutely compatible with all those different formats.


  • Sorting out the photos, managing multiple files can be hazardous.  The photo stock is there to save you from unwanted situation.  It is beautifully designed with automatic software which will search the photos or documents from your computer and create the backup in a perfect way.


  • While using this technological device, you need not think of flawless internet or modem management. The PhotoStick does not require any sort of an internet connection rather it just needs your operability to complete the task you desire to have.

The specialty of the PhotoStick:

  • When we talk about the specialty of The PhotoStick, we actually talk about its flawless fast functionality. With a simple click, the device will arrange, manage, and backup the photo, document, and videos in a flawless- fast way. There is no additional software installation or typical manual function so the whole process saves time and energy. 


  • The permanent storage process of those memorable photos, important documents, and videos can be costly in terms of maintaining them through cloud storage that requires regular payment. The photo stock is the device that will get rid of that tension of cost bearing as this will be your long-term benefit at a one-time investment. 
  • The PhotoStick USB device will not only provide you hassle-free management but also an extraordinary scope of security. With this in your possession, there is no need to think of a crash or malfunction of your PC while the PhotoStick will back up the photos in the best way you can expect. 

The photo stock is an example of a supreme technological advancement that has come up with a new definition of backup and storage management. This pocket-sized USB device is dynamic and durable. It will be your long-lasting partner which keeps the photos of marriage, birthday, anniversary, or other memorable occasions secured and managed. The PhotoStick does not require you to be an expert or experienced to operate this technology. Its 'Go' option will work with ease doing one of the most important tasks. 

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