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FIXD OBD2 Active Car Health Monitor and Diagnostic Device is an incredible device that translates the problems with your car and displays the answers in plain English right on your smartphone and tracking scheduled service. WATCH HOW EASY & EFFORTLESS...
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FIXD OBD2 Active Car Health Monitor and Diagnostic Device is an incredible device that translates the problems with your car and displays the answers in plain English right on your smartphone and tracking scheduled service.




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Don’t Ignore The Light!


The “Check Engine” light is your engine computer’s way of telling you that something is wrong. It could be something relatively small, like a missing gas cap. Or it might be something that could potentially leave you stranded, such as:

✔️A failing catalytic converter
✔️Bad spark plugs and spark plug wires
✔️An overheating engine

    The fact that there are so many options is not only frustrating – it puts you at risk of being taken advantage of by auto mechanics.

    FIXD: Your digital mechanic

    As days are passing by, our lifestyle has integrated with different transportation systems. The car has always been a part of fascination in the dual sense of personal and professional needs. Buying and maintaining a car is not an easy fact as there are several things that can be proved costly. There are fueling departments, mileage limitations, and level of the engine's warmth, the status of sensors, and even the internal status of wires. As the mechanical parts of a car get pressurized in daily use, there can be the emergence of multiple problems.

    Most of the time, advanced problem identification is quite hard.  Moreover, the status checking by an expert is also a costly matter. You are no longer to bear such headache of expenditure as FIXD is the technological device that will automatically check, monitor, and provide the conditional report about the car which helps to take timely initiatives regarding the steps to be taken for the repair. 

    Why should you use FIXD?

    The typical engine and other features take constant loads while being used day after day. Sometimes small problems or defects occur in the car but those can hardly be identified even being sensed by the owner. The earlier the problem can be marked; the solution will be easier and cheaper. But is it really possible to get the regular and timely status of the car including the potential faults? FIXD is the perfect answer to that quarry. You should have it to keep your car free of major knockdown and of course to save lots of money.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Automatic functionality and multiple features may make the device typically technical but the installation and operating process of FIXD is comfortable and simple. There is no need to think of getting the additional skills to run FIXD. With its simple manual process, you can set up the function quickly and the results will be more than you expect. 
    • You just simply require adding FIXD into the indicative and diagnostic section followed by the synchronization of the device with the specific apps that can easily be downloaded from different sources. Through the apps, you can scan and find out the potential level of any faults, information about required maintenance, and a lot more.

    The incredible profitability and benefits of FIXD:


    • The cautious indicating light of your car may convey the sign of a problem or accessibility but that light does not provide clear ideas of the severity and section of crisis. FIXD will synchronize the information giving you the instant details of the issue. Through different colors, FIXD will help you to have a constant report about the status of the car.
    • Regular maintenance is very important for the longevity of a car. Therefore, FIXD not only detects the problematic issues but also creates the indication of the level of proper maintenance on a regular basis. So the car will remain in your regular observation. 
    • The condition of a car changes in course of passing a fixed number of mileages.  FIXD will give you the sign of reaching the mileage level so that you can conduct the maintenance your car needs.
    • FIXD is a digital device that will keep monitoring your car continuously. Thus, you will never miss any of the issues regarding the health of the car's engine, oiling, and controlling system. 
    • It is such a smart technology that also provides an opportunity to connect and monitor multiple vehicles by the process of synchronization and sensor activation. 

    The specialty of FIXD:

    • It is an amazing tool which is compatible with different fueling engines including gas oriented one or even with the diesel-based cars. Moreover, modern advanced cars are easily compatible with FIXD.
    • FIXD does a huge job in a little space or scope. It authentically identifies the issues and gives you an advanced estimation of the cost you need to take into your concern.
    • A simple smartphone having the FIXD app with a single account is literally enough for the successful monetization, screening, and evaluating the issues of multiple cars.
    • The engine checking light may become confusing and irritating at times. FIXD gives you a special feature to control and stop the light in a smart way.

    There is an old saying that the most expensive work is to raise and maintain an elephant. Maintaining a car facing major problematic issues may become as costly as keeping an elephant. But this does not mean you should leave the dream of a car. FIXD is the device that will work magically on your car. This will let you know the cause of the checking light and help you to solve a problem in the fastest and cheapest way. It is a light technology with heavy performance. Therefore, plug in a FIXD into your car and enjoy the simultaneous, smooth, and long-lasting productivity of your beautiful car.



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